Elian @ The Crystal Ship 2016

Elian lives and works in Córdoba, Argentinia. The past years he got a lot of international recognition for his geometric and abstract works. His artwork in Ostend can be called anamorphic art, meaning that the viewer needs to use a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image painted on the corner of the white house. Only in this way, the distorted perspective reveals a yellow trapezium, a red triangle and a blue circle. He uses primary colors and shapes, being influenced by the neo-plasticism of – among others – Piet Mondrian.

“I’m dyslexic, and I have always struggled with writing. But with a spray can in my hand, it felt right. It was the first time I ever felt at home writing.”

A striking part of the work in Ostend is the graphical character of the work and the way it holds into account the visual context of the architectonic lines of the building. The owner of the building asked Elian not to paint the windows. He creatively found a solution for this, by taping the windows and painting on the tape.

Corner Sint-Niklaasstraat / Achturenplein

© Elian

© Elian

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