Levalet @ The Crystal Ship 2017

Levalet’s paste-up drawing installations are set to surprise as his characters jump, climb, fall, drink and sleep all over city walls.

© Ian Cox

lWith a background in improvisation theatre, video art and photography, he is able to bring his drawings to life using architecture as his theatre and his own body as his prop. He is as active in the streets as he is in the contemporary art gallery scene. The artist’s realistic paste-ups almost integrate themselves into the urban landscape by producing an optical illusion. These site-specific pieces in black and white often utilize street objects such as staircases, house entrances or the ledges of buildings as furniture, which makes the public space an essential element of his work. Even through Levalet’s characters are entertaining and enjoyable, they possess a strong dose of social critique as well, a layer which unveils itself only upon careful observation.

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