Mister Fiksit @ The Crystal Ship 2016

The work from Mister Fiksit can be seen when driving into the city of Ostend and is inspired by a quote by Keith Haring. It sums up the spirit of The Crystal Ship: bringing art back to the people. Artists used to be the popicons of their time, but nowadays art is tucked away in museums.

Mister Fiksit is excited about typography, he is constantly looking for new letterforms in all kinds of shapes and sized for very diverse surfaces. His love for typography started when he was fifteen and started experimenting with graffiti. He kept evolving from calligraphy to lettering. After graduating a master in graphic arts, he started working as a freelance graphic designer. Besides that he started Uppercuts, a lettering and sticker company.

Four people labored for a whole week to make the artwork in Ostend, because the artwork was not projected onto the wall, instead everything was precisely measured.

Seen from E40/A10

© Arne Deboosere

© Arne Deboosere

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