Outings Project @ The Crystal Ship 2017

The Outings Project is a global participatory art project, initiated by the French visual artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca.

De Casabianca has been embellishing the streets of Paris and beyond with portraits of characters plucked from classical paintings. What began as a prank upon seeing Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’s portrait of Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière at the Louvre, (he wanted to help her get out, like Prince Charming trying to rescue the girl in the museum castle) has evolved into the Outings Project, a full-time mission to merge the perceptions of canonical and street art, all while punctuating neglected spaces with beauty. Each individual appears as if liberated from their institutional home, thus highlighting the strategies employed by street artists in the democratisation of art and questioning the received authority of the museum.

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